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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Can I Live on Frenchmen Street?!

Dat Dog
While I was completely smitten with New Orleans as a whole, my favorite area to hang out was Frenchmen Street. Let your hair down and check those inhibitions at the door. All senses were on overload, especially my ears from all the talented musicians.

Phenomenal street musicians
I experienced dancing on the pavement with strangers, dogs in sparkly hats, people typing poems, a toddler decorating the sidewalk with chalk, bikes aglow, and buying beer out of a cooler (drinking on the streets is legal - whoop!).

Getting my groove on at VASO
Kickin' ass at Igor's Check Point Charlie
A highly coveted event is the Frenchmen Art Market, which takes place Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday eves from 7pm-1am and Sunday from 6pm-12am. This unique affair is a must for culture, one-of-a-kind wares, mingling, and people watching. Do what you can to support these hard working artists.

Walk the street day and night, as I did, and create your own wild memories!

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