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Tuesday, March 8, 2016


I wasn't sure if my vegetarian dining options were going to be plentiful in Puerto Rico; however, it didn't take long to realize my choices were abounding and I would be well fed. The dishes I devoured were bursting with flavor and delivered with some creative presentations. Let the drooling commence!

La Madre - Rice and Beans with a Saril Flower Margarita

Cafe at Poet's Passage - Vegetable Empanadas, Mixed Fruit Smoothie, Tofu Wrap and Vegetable Wrap (can you tell I really liked this place?)

Pani Agua - Aloo Chaat

Cafe Berlin - Vegan Guava Loaf

Rosa de Triana - Black Bean Soup and Patatas Bravas

Fefo's Deli & Tapas - Vegetable Trifongo

Greengo's Caribbean Cantina - Greengo Beans & Cilantro Rice with a Bandito Cocktail

Mofon'go (kiosk at Plaza de Colon) - Cheese & Guava Empanada 

I have become a big fan of guava since traveling to Puerto Rico. I'm also really hungry now, aren't you?

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