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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Detroit Charmed the Pants Off Me!

My long-awaited yearning to experience Detroit finally came to an end. I recently spent five memorable days there, intending to take side trips to Ann Arbor and Bell's Brewery in Kalamazoo. Detroit had such a fierce hold on me that I didn't make either one of those outings.

"Nice Outfit" Art Installation at Paradise Valley Park

Hello autumn

Millennium Bell

The Motor City is attractive, quirky, full of character, and artistic. Excellent restaurants, craft beer, architecture, and street art opportunities are endless. People are friendly and helpful, especially when asking for directions. 

The Greening of Detroit (
I had a pleasurable stay at Hostel Detroit in Corktown, which is the oldest neighborhood in the city. Corktown is amiable and full of eateries, bars, funky shops, and charming homes.

I highly recommend starting at the Detroit Experience Factory Welcome Center. Friendly and knowledgeable staff are waiting to fill your head with information and guide you in the right direction. A big shout-out to Sue Krause for her wonderful personality and assistance. I took advantage of their free art and architecture tour, which was fun and enlightening. Check these Detroiters out at

I walked more miles than I can count during my holiday, becoming acquainted with at least five different neighborhoods. Exploring on foot allows you to make delightful discoveries like Woodbridge.

Here is what I did, saw, ate and drank in this fine city:
Food and Drink
Batch Brewing Co.
Brooklyn Street Local
"Delectabowl" and "Beignets 2 Go" food trucks at Eastern Market
Green Dot Stables
PJ's Lager House
MotorCity Wine

Pretzels, Fattoush Romaine Salad and Butternut Squash Arancini. Beer - Weizenbock, Dicksmasher & Antwerps Placebo
Kielbasa Bowl with black beans instead of kielbasa, topped w/spicy feta sauce
No need to go to NOLA
Green Dot Stables - go for the ambience and sliders (I had the Quinoa, Tempeh and Black Bean).
Tofu Bahn Mi at PJ's Lager House
PJ's posed as a furniture store during Prohibition and this is the secret password slot. 
Arts and Attractions
Belt Alley and Z Lot Parking Garage
Campus Martius Park
Comerica Park and Ford Field
Fox Theatre
Millennium Bell
Library Street Collective Gallery
Eastern Market Tuesday Market
Street Art in Eastern Market
Lincoln Street Art Park (
Motown Museum
Guardian Building
Quicken Loans Headquarters

Two of many impressive murals in the Belt Alley
Peekaboo General Motors
Views from the rooftop of the Madison Building

Wait until you see the inside of the Guardian Building

Quicken Loans Headquarters at Campus Martius Park

Savvy Chic Trends
Hello Records
El Dorado General Store
Honeybee Market

The photo opportunities were so great that it isn't possible to share them all here. If you would like to see more of the gallery, please check out my Instagram feed, particularly if you enjoy street art. I will be publishing a separate post on all these showpieces soon.

Stay cool Detroit and I look forward to our next rendezvous.


  1. Hi Sher,
    Thank you for this positive article on Detroit. I know of it's glorious history as the car factory centre of the USA, but for years negative news dominated. I would like to visit once specially after reading your story. Greetings Ana More

    1. Hello Ana-

      Thank you for reading and commenting. I am so happy to hear that you liked the article and would now like to visit. One of my goals was to show the world that Detroit has a lot to offer, and a solo female traveler can venture there on her own. I have always had this feeling that I would be enamored with the city and it didn't disappoint.