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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Omaha's Benson Neighborhood

Omaha Bicycle Co.

I asked the locals where I could find decent street art and craft beer, and did they ever point me in the right direction. That direction was north, namely to the Benson neighborhood. The adventure began on the wrong foot, as I shouldn't have walked. I believe I know what it feels like to walk through Death Valley.

I eventually made it to Krug Park, my destination for top-notch brews. Within 5 minutes, I knew the jaunt was worth it. Krug Park offers 60+ taps, phenomenal bartenders, and exposed brick with cool fixtures including "old timer" portraits. It was definitely time to fill er up!

I let my trusty bartender choose my first and it was a keeper.

Cutthroat Porter by Odell Brewing Co.

The second one was even tastier.

Vanilla Bean Blonde Ale by Infusion Brewing

I could have stayed for hours, tempted by more; however, my fear of dying of dehydration on the walk home took care of that. I was also on a mission to find the street art before dusk.

The quality and quantity of art exceeded my expectations, and see if you don't agree.



The Benson neighborhood is my kind of discovery when I travel - quirky, colorful, and laid back. I highly recommend checking it out -


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