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Saturday, September 12, 2015

A Playground for Adults

In my humble opinion, downtown Omaha is a playground for adults. The kind of playground that includes slides (paper sack not included), art, boats, and a water fountain that lights up at night.


Let the tomfoolery begin at the Gene Leahy Mall, which offers an attractive walkway along the lagoon, decorated with unique art and lots of geese. 

Tickle your fancy by trying to figure out when the water bucket is ready to spill. I suggest grabbing some snacks at this point, because as you head to Heartland of America Park, it will be difficult to pull yourself away.

While the fountain at Heartland of America Park is striking during daylight hours, it becomes absolutely mesmerizing after dark, when brilliant multi-colored lights take over. It felt a bit like the 4th of July without the "boom." I don't want to spoil all the fun, so I'm only going to share two photos of the fountain.

You can stroll around the lagoon on foot, or hop on board a gondola to get up close and personal with the fountain. Beware - you will get inundated with sprays of water after it becomes a geyser (depending on where you stand), which can be refreshing on a scorching day.

Go ahead and relive your childhood. When you are done playing, check out one of the numerous restaurants, and maybe you will run into these characters along the way. 

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