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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


As a vegetarian, I never expected to be so enthusiastic about a new hot dog joint that I wanted to blog about it. In my experience, I haven't crossed paths with a gourmet hot dog eatery that offers a tempeh vegan hot dog. That is, until the Wiener Shop opened their doors in my neighborhood. 

Customers have the choice of a Wisconsin-made beef wiener or the vegan tempeh dog wrapped in a hot dog bun or vegan, gluten-free corn tortillas.

The wieners are named after numerous U.S. cities including Detroit, Chicago, Seattle, and of course, Madison. The tempeh dogs are outsourced from a wonderful local Indonesian restaurant called Bandung.

I opted for the Vancouver Asian Dog prepared with the tempeh and corn tortillas. This delectable meal left me satisfied, and the flavors worked well together.

I chatted with the owner, Rex, who said he and his partner will be adding amenities including outdoor seating, rotating art, additional menu items, and alcohol. They don't believe in upcharging for dietary restrictions, which is a win for vegetarian and gluten-free customers.

I look forward to tasting every dog on the menu, and then starting the list all over again. I encourage you to make tracks to the Wiener Shop!

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