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Monday, February 2, 2015

Conversation and More at "A Place to Be"

There are oodles of spots to converse - bars, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. Madison is fortunate to have a unique setting for discussion and it's called A Place To Be, where you will feel at home chatting, listening, watching, and sharing in a relaxed, attractive environment.

I sat down with the brilliant woman who started it all, Dr. Jatinder Cheema, otherwise known simply as Cheema. 

How was A Place To Be born? 
I wanted to establish roots in this progressive neighborhood with a place for conversation, to share ideas, and discuss issues. It all came together when this historic building became available.

Is it open to the public and what are the hours?
It's open during events, which are posted on the website People can also request an appointment by contacting me directly at 608-630-2508 or

What types of activities take place here and do you charge a fee?
Business network and association meetings, Madison Death Cafe (a conversation about death and its meaning), Introduction to Nonviolent Communication, workshops, live music performances, and so much more. The events are free unless a presenter charges a fee. In addition, donations are always welcome. 

How does A Place To Be benefit the community, and how can the community contribute?
It provides community networking and a place to exchange ideas. In addition, we support local community organizations. 

The community can contribute by coming up with ideas. I would love a new idea each week! For 2015, I'm interested in adding discussions about diversity and what is happening to our youth. 

What are your plans for the future?
I want to remain community-oriented and continue to evolve. I would like the neighborhood to embrace A Place To Be and make it their own. 

Get those ideas in motion and share them with Cheema, because she is all ears. Don't forget to check the event schedule to learn about all the up and coming gatherings. 

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