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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Travel Classes to Enlighten and Inspire

Travel talk is the next best thing to being on the road. I get all fired up inspiring others to see the world. In my opinion, it's more than exploring new destinations. I like to think of it as leaving your comfort zone behind to try different things. 

If you live in the Madison area and have an interest in budget travel, click on those links below to sign up. 
We will chat about international travel on February 9th. I'm currently at 13 countries and my favorite thus far is Italy. What's yours?

Jaw-dropping Positano

The second winter class will be held on March 18th, discussing travel in the U.S. My goal is to hit one city in every state. Who's with me? 

The beautiful Capitol in Des Moines

Come hungry to learn, share ideas, and leave ready to book that adventure.

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