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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Winter Festivals on My Bucket List

Winter is not my season of choice. I would like to migrate, but instead I hibernate. It takes a lot to lure me out into the cold; however, I found some intriguing festivals that could easily make me embrace winter.

Quebec Winter Carnival 
This looks like one wild ride, and 2015 will mark the festival's 60th anniversary. You will be entertained by ice canoe races, snow sculptures, nighttime parades, and more. You can stay warm by indulging in mugs of caribou, a concoction of brandy, vodka, sherry and port.

Photo by Quebec Winter Carnival

Photo by ABC News

Photo by Off Metro

Frozen Dead Guy Days 
There is an interesting story behind this quirky fest, which takes place in Nederland, Colorado. Taken directly from the website:

"Before Grandpa Bredo Morstoel died from a heart condition in 1989, he enjoyed a comfortable life in Norway, where he was born and raised. He loved painting, fishing, skiing, and hiking in the mountains of his homeland. He was also the director of parks and recreation in Norway’s Baerum County for more than 30 years. After he died, things got really interesting. Instead of a burial, he was packed in dry ice and prepared for international travel. First, he was shipped to the Trans Time cryonics facility in Oakland, California, where he was placed in liquid nitrogen for almost four years. Then, he was moved to Colorado in 1993 to stay with his daughter Aud Morstoel and his grandson Trygve Bauge, both strong advocates for cryonics who hoped to start a facility of their own. There he stayed for years under cold cover, in a shed, near his grandson’s home, and about to be left on his own due to some pesky visa issues."

So what kind of wackiness can you expect? Coffin racing, brain freeze contests, a parade of hearses, and frozen dead poet society readings. Sign me up!

Photo by NY Times

Photo by IX Daily

Photo by 5280

Whitefish Winter Carnival 

This celebration is based on the myth of Ullr, the God of Snow. Frolic in the beautiful mountain village of Whitefish, Montana, relishing a torch-light ski parade, penguin plunge, skijoring, snow queens, and fireworks.

Photo by Explore Whitefish

Photo by Daily Mail

Skijoring photo by Horseback Magazine

 I do declare these celebrations are three good reasons to get out of the house this winter, don't you?

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