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Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Central Library in Madison is a work of art!

Madison is experiencing a dreadful winter that has me hibernating and shuddering at the thought of leaving my humble abode.  One of the few reasons to venture out; however, is to spend time at the newly renovated Central Library.


I don't believe I have ever seen a library that is so modern and a work of art in itself.  I couldn't stop wandering around, dumbfounded at the beauty that surrounded me the first time I stepped through the sacred doors. 

I still haven't accepted the fact that this is a library and I should be looking for books or DVD's to check out.

The library even has a very inviting area just for teens, so try to get them home in time for dinner.

It's anticipated that more than one million people will visit in the first year.  Shouldn't that qualify for the Guinness Book of World Records?

The impressive venue offers a cafe, sound booth, rooftop terrace and a whole lot more.  

Whether you are just passing through or live in the area, you need to get to know the Central Library.  It can save you from the winter blues.

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