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Sunday, June 3, 2012

What to see and do in Berlin!

The Oberbaum Bridge along the Spree River
I traveled to Berlin in April of 2012, and it didn't take long to realize that five days wasn't going to be enough.  Berlin is so vibrant and full of diversity, history, culture, and great food.

Random art

I chose a lovely Airbnb host to stay with in the most perfect location in the Marienstraße neighborhood.  This area is filled with unique shops, bars, restaurants and within walking distance to many tourist destinations.  I highly recommend staying here if you travel to Berlin -

One of the most appealing things about Berlin is the artists and their work.  The street art is extraordinary, particularly at the East Side Gallery.  The gallery is located near the Spree River, where you will find some interesting cafes including the very cool beach bar and African market called Cool Runnings (remember the movie by the same name).

One of my faves at the East Side Gallery

Another reason to be excited about visiting Berlin is the food. There are a couple of restaurants I frequented that deserve individual nods.  One is called Das Meisterstück and everything about it is perfect.  The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and you are given a sample of one of their craft beers along with a small bite as soon as you sit down.  Their plethora of craft beers and organic, local food deserves a heaping of praise.

The other favorite was Chipp's, serving up some delicious and unique vegetarian dishes.  I chose the curry pak choi and it was spot on!  On the second visit, I did the "create your own salad", which allows you to select your choice of lettuce, veggies, toppings and dressing.  Accompanied by bread, this is a robust meal.

Great place to lounge
Other restaurants that I recommend are Anand, Mövenpick Café at the Schönefeld Airport, and Oranium.  My companion and I were quite surprised after leaving Oranium, which is on Oranienburger Straße.  Unbeknownst to me, this street is well known for prostitutes.  There were lots of gorgeous women dressed in corsets and thigh high boots lined up along the street.  Here is an interesting article about them -
The list of things to do in Berlin is never-ending, so I will name a few places that I highly recommend.  One of them is the DDR Museum.  It's the most interactive museum that I have ever been to with so many hands-on activities I felt like a kid again.  The Berlin Cathedral is spectacular inside and out.  I was fortunate to sit in on an actual service during my visit.

Chilling at Tiergarten Park

If you want some peace and relaxation time, then check out the wonderful Tiergarten Park.  You can stroll, rent a boat, see animals, have a beer, and more!  I also went to some excellent bars that include Bar Van Gogh, Bellini Lounge and BöseBubenBar.

The Berlin Cathedral

One of the tombs in the Crypt at the Cathedral

A meeting of the States with the arrival of the President of Luxembourg
I foresee a return trip to Berlin in my future.  I think the picture below is a perfect way to end this blog post. 

What a fun way to earn money - juggling at a red light. 

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