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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Holidays!

For me, the most exciting part about this blog post is the fact that I was able to make my photo "snow!" It may be the only way to see the white stuff this Christmas, since we have had nothing but clouds and rain. I think I need to hit Australia one of these years.

Photo by the BBC

OK, enough complaining about the weather, because it's trivia time. Do you know how many countries celebrate Christmas? I had no clue, so I decided to find out. The number is impressive, because at least 160 out of 196 countries recognize Christmas.

Here's a great slide presentation to depict how some countries observe the holiday.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday no matter how you spend it, and as always, safe travels!  

P.S. I started celebrating a little early, because I can never turn down St. Bernardus Christmas Ale or cookies that look like this:)

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