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Thursday, April 3, 2014

House Concert in Barcelona

My best-loved memory of spending time in Barcelona is attending a rooftop concert hosted by local couchsurfers.  I joined the local group before arriving, and totally lucked out seeing a post about this gathering.  

The host's band was set to perform, along with a musician from Brooklyn, Robin Aigner, who was on a European tour to promote her album.  They could only allow a certain number of couchsurfers to invade the rooftop, as their own personal friends wanted to attend.

My fingers and toes were crossed that I would make the "cut."  When I found out that I did, I couldn't contain my excitement.  Show time wouldn't come quickly enough.

Upon arriving, I made my way to the top and immediately felt comfortable.  The host was friendly and wasted no time introducing my companion and I to fellow guests.  There were people from all over the world to meet, and I quickly befriended two lovely females from Brazil and Australia.

Electrococo Romera took the stage and played several songs, getting the crowd revved up with their fantastic tunes.  Then it was time for the lovely and talented Robin Aigner to come out and woo us with her brilliant voice and storytelling songs.  

The aura, food, cocktails, music and amazing people made this an evening I will never forget. 

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