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Friday, September 6, 2013

A quaint Italian village and Pompeii

During the second leg of my trip to Italy, I stayed in a quaint little town called Castellammare di Stabia.  Why there you ask?  Honestly, I had never heard of it before and what sold me was an airbnb profile.  It looked so beautiful and the host had such fantastic reviews, I couldn't resist; and, who doesn't want their own apartment in Italy? 

It's also centrally located and easily accessible to the Ruins of Pompeii and Sorrento, two places I had planned to visit.  I highly recommend staying here -

Staying in Castellammare di Stabia will give you a real flavor of what it's like to be a local, as it's a small community with people out and about everywhere.  When I wasn't traveling around on the train, I was eating and drinking wine.  The opportunities for delectable pizza and gelato are endless along Via Guiseppe Bonito.

A few of my favorite things
The best place for wine  
There is also an Irish pub in the neighborhood called Maracana.  The pub offers a great selection of brews, food and live music.  My favorite hang out, though, was a wine bar called Enoteca Vineria Puopolo.  The owners are so friendly and really know their wine.  

It's a cool place to chill and perhaps meet a person, or two, from the U.S.  I met several people from different states here one night.  They were studying abroad and staying in Castellammare di Stabia.  Such a small world we live in....

Wanted to take this pottery home

My day trip to the Ruins of Pompeii was unforgettable!  What a fascinating place to explore and try to imagine what once was.  I suggest wearing good, durable walking shoes or boots and plan on spending an entire day there.  I don't think I grew weary even once from walking around, because it's so interesting and beautiful.

The intact structures are amazing

A gorgeous setting at the ruins
My next post about Italy will include the last part of my journey, which was Sorrento and the dreamy Amalfi Coast.  Stay tuned and ciao!

I conquered the ruins in my fave t-shirt!


  1. The apartment looks lovely and so does the scenery in the first picture, but nothing can beat that Floyd t-shirt :) Every place seems better in Floyd's company !!! ;)

    1. The apartment was a dream! The shirt is starting to fall apart, but I will never stop wearing it:) Such a classic! Thanks for the comment.