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Monday, May 29, 2017

Miami Beach on a Budget

View from South Pointe Park Pier

The skeptics were out in droves telling me that Miami Beach isn't budget-friendly, causing me to have my own doubts. The million dollar question - can you travel to Miami Beach on a meager budget? The answer is a resounding yes!

I exclusively fly with Southwest Airlines in the U.S.; therefore, I had to fly into Ft. Lauderdale since they don't service Miami. While a bit of an inconvenience, it only cost me $6.00 to get to Miami from Ft. Lauderdale. 

Step One
Take a tri-rail complimentary shuttle from the ground transportation level at FLL to the Ft. Lauderdale train stop. There is more than one tri-rail bus, so be sure you are getting on the free shuttle that takes you to the train station.

Step Two

Take the tri-rail train from the Ft. Lauderdale station to the Miami airport. You can purchase your ticket at the train station for a mere $3.75 and the train offers free wi-fi.

Step Three
Once you arrive at the Miami airport, take the 150 airport express bus to your destination. Pay on board with correct change ($2.25) or buy a ticket at the airport.  In my case, the bus dropped me across the street from my hostel. 

Arrival travel time took approximately three hours since it was my first time; however, the departure trip took only about two hours.


Miami Beach International Hostel, located at 236 9th Street, just two blocks from South Beach. I stayed in a 6-bed female dorm room with en suite bath. 

*Location, location, location!
*Friendly staff.
*3 meals/day included (I didn't participate).
*Decent size room & comfy bed.
*Rooms cleaned 4 times/day.
*Reasonably priced.


*The lobby is used as a party lounge in the evening, full of people and extremely loud music, which makes it difficult to check-in.
*No on-site bathrooms other than the bathroom in your room.
*Extremely spotty wi-fi only in the lobby area.
*Since meals are included, there are no dishes or utensils available; however, they do have a fridge and microwave.

Food and Drink - all my meals and single drinks were under $11 with the exception of Naked Taco, which was my priciest meal and worth every penny (see individual post on Miami's culinary scene).

*Della's Test Kitchen 
*Lone Wolfe Food Truck
*11th Street Diner
*Naked Taco
*Aroma Espresso Bar
*Bar at Wynwood Yard
*RUST Wynwood 
*The Room
*Abbey Brewing Co.

Activities - all FREE to enter and explore
*Architecture in the Art Deco District (especially along Ocean Dr.)
*South Pointe Park
*Wynwood Yard and Wynwood Walls (see individual posts)
*South Beach
*Lincoln Road Mall (be sure to visit Cindy Vega's jewelry stand here)
*Ugo Rondinone's Miami Mountain, located on the grounds of the Bass Museum of Art 
*Soundscape Cinema Series at Soundscape Park

White looking so sexy👌

What an entrance❢
Pretty in peach

Do you spot the needlefish?

Those cars doh!

It costs absolutely nothing for these views💙

My fave stands alone
Hanging with Ugo's Miami Mountain
Miami Beach Community Church

Red and white never looked so good

What's your story?
Colorful balconies

Beautiful silhouettes at South Pointe Park

First night capture

"Out of Africa" under the palms
My bracelet trio from Cindy Vega Jewelry
My dream home💕
Early bird catches the view
404 Washington Ave - the most photographed bldg in Miami

All locked up
On a side note, one of the reasons I love to travel is because you never know who you will meet along the way. In this case, I met a friendly, patient bartender at "The Room" by the name of Jacob Coronado. We started talking travel and blogging when he shared that he was about to embark on a worldly adventure. He is quite an interesting chap and I encourage you to follow his trail, where he is spreading the love.

Hope we meet again, Miami. You were marvelous💞

Sunsets in Miami...swoon🌴

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