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Sunday, June 8, 2014


I fancy quirkiness when I travel, and found more unique traits in Mexico City than anywhere else. I fell hard for this astonishing city, because it's alluring, loud, gritty, chaotic, hospitable, and mesmerizing.

My observations:
*I rarely saw a stroller being used; babies were carried and young children walked.
*The subway is only 5 pesos. I repeat, 5 pesos (less than .40¢). Also, the trains run on rubber tires.
*The police cars always have their lights on.
*Lots and lots of abandoned buildings still standing from the major earthquake in 1985.
*You can ONLY drink bottled water.
*Windows don't have screens.
*Pedestrians do not have the right of way. Take note of that when crossing the street. 
*Police presence is extremely heavy. I have never seen officers wearing assault weapons or standing in the back of moving open trucks before.
*WiFi is quite accessible all over the city including parks.
*Beware ladies - with the exception of most restaurants, public toilets don't have seats. Also, toilet paper is typically available when you enter, not in the stalls.
*Merchandise is for sale at just about every street corner, and at times, I felt like I was at an auction:)
*In some neighborhoods, a street would be lined with stores that sell the exact same items. For instance, in the Zocalo neighborhood, I admired a music store and realized that every store on that street was a music store.
*Do not hail a cab from the street.
*An adorable miniature coat rack for your coat and purse will be brought to your table at restaurants.

This post wouldn't be complete without some quirky photos!

 I ♥ you Mexico City, and thank you for an amazing cultural experience.

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