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Sunday, April 13, 2014

It's Patio Time at Psycho Suzi's!

Even though the weather continues to be bi-polar in the Midwest, it's safe to say that patio season is upon us.  Especially if that patio belongs to Psycho Suzi's Motor Lodge in Minneapolis.

This tiki bar is located along the Mississippi (childhood memories of spelling this out loud as I type) River near the downtown area.  You can choose to eat, drink and be merry inside or out on the killer patio.

While many people come to imbibe on potent tropical drinks served in a crazy mug, I opted for some cold, refreshing beer.  I was on foot and didn't trust myself finding my way back otherwise. 

Psycho Suzi's is well-known for their awarding winning pizza, so I ordered one to be the judge.  I chose the Suzi Quattro on the standard crust and it was superb.  This spinach, sun-dried tomato, roasted garlic and white-wine garlic sauce beauty came delivered in a perfect, crispy crust.  

I didn't care if I overstayed my welcome, because I was in paradise.  You no longer feel like you are in Minneapolis, and I was pretending that I had jetted off to Key West with my new friend.

You can pretend too if you get yourself to Psycho Suzi's Motor Lodge.  Until then, check out their website, because even that is wildly entertaining.  I'll be back for a Mai Tai.  Or perhaps a Beachcomber.

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