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Friday, July 26, 2013

Macha Tea House & Gallery

Is it possible to fall in love with a tea house?  Yes it is, if it's Macha Tea House.  I paid them a visit today and it was hard to leave.  I told the manager that I could live here, and he said he hears that all the time.

It's no wonder, because the venue is aesthetic in every way.  It's a great place to read, chill, study or converse with friends.  The perfect background music won't interrupt your thoughts or conversation.  

A tea room built for two
The tea rooms are simply decorated, yet beautiful with warm and inviting colors.  The rooms can be rented out for special occasions, and they offer a tea service Thursday through Sunday with advance reservations.

A great work space
It's also a gallery, because they showcase local artist's work on a rotating basis.  I was able to admire lovely art on the walls, handmade jewelry, and note cards.  In addition, Macha sells their own loose leaf teas and a plethora of tea accessories.

My delectable tempeh tacos, cookies and rose tea
To accompany your tea, desserts and light lunch menu items are available.  They have daily specials, which can be found on their Facebook page.  I actually chose to go today, because of the special I saw, which was Indonesian spiced tempeh tacos.  I had two of them and could have had more if my stomach had the room.  They were absolutely delicious and the combination of ingredients was spot on!  

These 3 photos capture the stunning and most spacious tea room
I also had the herbal thai rose iced tea, which was refreshing and not too sweet.  I couldn't leave without trying their unique cookie flavors, which included cardamom and thai basil lemon oat.  Four of those were devoured in about 10 seconds.

I think they have enough space to let me move in

No doubt, I will be a regular here.  Whether you are a local or just passing through Madison, I highly recommend a trip to Macha Tea House.  My guess is that you won't want to leave either.

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